Basic Dyes

Basic dyes are cationic dyes that are mainly used for dyeing acryric fiber and cationic dyeable polyester fiber (CDP). Cationic dyes are water-soluble dyestuffs with bright colours. Cationic dyes can be classified into two groups: Triacryl X and Triacryl AD based on their dyeing properties on polyacrylonitrile fiber.

Triacryl AD Dyes:

Basic dyestuff group that has excellent behavior of withstanding high temperature during dyeing.

They are suitable for dyeing and printing on polyacrylonitrile/wool blends in the same bath with acid dyes and on acid-modified polyester/polyestre blends in the same bath with disperse dyes.

Triacryl X Dyes:

Basic dyestuffs group that has good leveling property for dyeing polyacrylonitrile bulked-yarn and its blends with wool.