Disperse Dyestuffs

Hicron dyestuffs of Phisit Intergroup are disperse dyestuffs for polyester fiber with variety of shades and excellent properties.

There are rich variety of Hicron dyes covering a wide-range of color shades so as to meet different requirements for various dyeing processes. It is therefore recommended to select appropriate dyes for each end use and application process.

Hicron ACE Dyes:

Disperse dyestuffs for pale trichromatic shade

Hicron LS Dyes:

Disperse dyestuffs group that is suitable for microfiber polyester dyeing

• Broad shade range

• Compact range with similar dyeing behavior

• High fastness properties

• Same dyeing methods for all shade depths

Hicron UN-SE Dyes:

Compatible selection of good levelling disperse dyes for medium to dark shade