Acid Dyes

Unimide and Uniset dyes are Acid dyes that are highly water soluble, and have good light fastness. Acid dyes are effective on protein fibers such as wool and silk. They are also used for polyamide and spandex dyeing.


Unidolan Dyes : Acid dyes  for silk,wool, nylon and good solubility in water

Unimide E Dyes : Monosulphonated Levelling Dyes

Offer good light fastness and wet fastness. They are suitable for medium to dark shade because they have low affinity with nylon fiber.

Unimide N Dyes : Acid Milling Dyes

The structure of Unimide N dyes are Mono and Disulphonated Levelling Dyes. Excellent in combination dyeing without blocking effect. The light and wet fastness properties are also good.

Uniset Dyes : Metal Complex dye

  •  Provides for brilliant and restrained combination shades at all depths
  • Provides for brilliant shades with high wet and light fastness
  • High fastness properties to processing
  • Suitable for carpets and upholstery