Vat Dyes

Vat dye are water – insoluble and they are soluble only in its reduced form or leuco salt form which enables them.

Solathrene Dyes are Vat dyes for cellulose fabric that give excellect washing fastness and light fastness properties.

Solathrene has a super fine molecule so it can easily diluted and changed to Leuco Vat form.

  • Uniform , level dyeing of cellulosic fabrics and blends by continuous dyeing method.
  • Super fine, micro-molecular particle size : to ensure stable dye dispersion , ease of reduction and speck free performance.
  • Ready to use , easy to handle , non – dusting , non – foaming and non mal – odorous dyestuff.
  • Highly recommended to achieve and meet stringent quality / fastness demands : especially to light , repeated washings, laundering, post bleaching etc.